The biggest news since invention of the Online Casino: The Alpacasino launch.

Gambling, defined as basically a combination of entertainment and the chance to multiply invested money easily, is one of the oldest human inventions. Unfortunately it has been also poorly served with basically no invention in the last 15 years of online gambling. In fact, educated younger target groups are “gambling” in very different ways, e.g. buying highly speculative stocks or crypto coins (often without a product or team behind) to cater for the thrill to multiply money.

Wallfair decided to change that and applied their technology in Alpacasino to showcase how the new entertainment should look like.

Here’s how Casinos operated between 1995 and 2021 in a 500bn industry: 

  • In most cases, online casinos buy all their games from external developers. They launch those games on their platform, add a signup bonus, logotyp. 
  • Due to the above, casinos are not really interested in players’ emotional involvement or user experience customisation. It’s always email sign up, deposit, play blackjack, go home.
  • On top of that, it’s not a player, but the external third party(s) verifies the fairness of game maths and algorithms.
  • Online casinos put most of their money into marketing. Why? It’s simple – since all the games across the internet casino landscape are the same (except for the background:) it’s not easy to convince users to choose the particular casino. 

Here’s how Alpacasino is going to change this from 2021 in an industry growing to 800bn by 2026:

  • Wallfair has spent 6 months figuring out millions of data points to learn what games are most attractive to most users and has developed these games in-house. In addition, we will be adding external social games to investigate the most exciting aspects of gambling further. 
  • Every user starts their journey with Alpacasino by choosing, naming and customising a very individual alpacavatar. Your (future) NFT animal will be your character in the alpaca verse, and you will be able to do more and more things over time – gaming, betting, staking, live streaming, fighting other alpacas, selling your NFT and many many other activities.
  • Fairness of game maths and algorithms is publicly stored on blockchain 
    • Most importantly, alpacas are herd animals, and therefore, Alpcasino as a fully transparent, social-blockchain casino allows you to chat with other alpacas, . 
    • You can visit other users betting and gaming history.
    • You will be able to see live bets and cashouts by other alpacas in multiple games, starting with Pump&Dump, Elonpaca and, Alpacamel oil rush. This will give you a sense of the strategy of other players.
    • Next: Challenging other alpacas / selling your NFT alpaca, copying other users betting activity, sending other alpacas tokens in the chat, social layers to more games
  • Every game activity requires purchasing and placing bets with WFAIR token, purchased on CEX / DEX platforms or on with a credit card / ETH.

Wallfair is the technology, Wfair is the currency, Alpacasino is the showcase.

Here’s what’s around the corner:

Q4 / 2021:

  • We plan to launch Alpacasino before Christmas 2021 and are currently resolving last items regarding license issuing, ramping, game testing, and CRM implementation. A dev/design team of 25+ professionals has worked over 6 months to deliver what people from the industry told us was impossible to do: building a social casino on blockchain in less than 6 months with a little over EUR 1mn budget. Thousands of dev hours has gone into creating this as we decided to hyper-focus on product building and ignore token price / not spend our money on short term marketing activities. We believe that crypto is about building products that mass-market users understand and use and not building complicated solutions that <0,1% of the world population understands or “selling the big dream” but not focusing on building anything innovative.
  • For the first few weeks casino will be available only to selected users before activating the influencer and affiliate networks to open the gates for hundreds of thousands of users.

Q1 / 2021:

  • We are launching the very first NFT auction marketplace, or in other words, the first NFT with value beyond selling it at a higher price to somebody else :D:
    • You can stake WFAIR amounts in your alpacavatar and put your alpaca in the alpacarana. (Example: you create a super funky paca and stake 5,000 WFAIR tokens in it)
    • Other alpaca owners can “attack” your alpaca; you can accept or reject a fight. 
    • In case you accept the fight, whoever has staked a higher amount (which the other user can’t see) steals the staked token of the other alpaca
  • We are launching staking for WFAIR holders on the platform. This means token holders can stake for attractive annual yield and jackpots getting larger.


We are onboarding the first external casino operators / game providers on wallfair technology in Q1 2021. You can contact us any time in case you would like to publish your games, launch parts or the entire alpacasino under a different brand (our code is open-source anyhow :)). The same applies if you are building a play-to-earn game (axis infinity etc) or metaverse gaming of any sort.

Introducing the Alpacaverse, an outer worldly entertainment platform which aims to fuse both gaming and NFTs into something more spectacular. Create your very own Alpaca, play games, and win rewards in provably fair games