Elon Paca X

Elon had enough: Covid, inflation, corrupt politicians and that bastard Bezos and the other virgin. If that wasn’t enough, SEC got pissed again about some hilarious tweets he wrote. He was tired so decided to relax. As his Ambien stash was empty, there was the only thing he could do. Inhale…Exhale…

After a while, he knew what he had to do. There was only one place where he would finally be happy, the space.

Now it’s your turn to become a part of the mission. Help Elon to get to the Mars and he will immidiately reward you! But if you fail, SEC and all the other haters will laugh.

Rules are simple: you bet on Elon going to Mars by putting your WFAIR in the fuel tank of his alpaca rocket. The closer Elon gets to Mars, the more valuable your tokens will get. But the space paca rockets also aren’t very reliable () and crash at some point. So get your money out before it’s lost in space and before SEC start laughing.

How to Play?

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Introducing the Alpacaverse, an outer worldly entertainment platform which aims to fuse both gaming and NFTs into something more spectacular. Create your very own Alpaca, play games, and win rewards in provably fair games