Most people think that Alpaca’s life is not complicated. Hey, many of them would say that Alpaca is the most relaxed animal in the whole universe (after unicorns, obviously…). But this is just an impression of people who simply do not understand how stressful it is to be an Alpaca. 

First of all, you have to be cute all the time. Then you have that whole candy land around you have to take care of. Finally, and most importantly, while you are taking care of those sweets laying around, you have to look still cute! No wonder that most of Alpacase are burned out at the end of the day, and the only thing that relaxes them is the sound of a coin dropping from top to bottom. Tick, tack, tick – that soothing song of the coin hitting obstacles on the way. Tick, tack, tick – the calming thought of how beautiful and simple the life of the coin is. Tick, tack, tick – over and over again. 

It’s time for you to join our burned-out Alpacas and enjoy Plinko, the game calming and exciting at the same time. So drop the coins and carry on until your WFAIR chest is full! 

How to PLay Plinko?

Step 1: : Enter the Bet amount into the field
Step 2: Select the risk level
The higher the risk level, the higher reward you might win. Watch the values of the prize in the bottom containers as you change the risk level
Step 3: . Click Place Bet
Once you click the button, the coin is dropped from the top. Watch as the coin goes down and enjoy your prize!
Step 4: Repeat
You can see the hsitory of your bets in My Games bar. Your wins are marked green and losses red.

Introducing the Alpacaverse, an outer worldly entertainment platform which aims to fuse both gaming and NFTs into something more spectacular. Create your very own Alpaca, play games, and win rewards in provably fair games